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Case Study: The Last Mile Lab and The Berkley ADU "Test Box"

Module’s vision is to build a world where everyone lives in a well-designed space they are proud to call home.

Our mission is to create a 21st-century residential development system that delivers better-designed, quality-built, energy efficient, attainable housing, all through the power of offsite construction.

Module is leading a culture shift in the offsite construction industry. We've established the Last Mile Network and recently received a grant to expand its urban manufacturing model to other geographies.

This case study will break down the components of the Last Mile Network and feature The Berkley ADU "Test Box."

The Berkley ADU “Test Box” project checked the box for a couple of Module “firsts.”

Module "m" mark

as a manufacturer.

as a GC.

A lot has happened since the completion of the "Test Box."

We've opened the space for a Developer Training event and Last Mile Facility Tour where we announced the 2024 Cohort in our Mission-Driven Developer Program.

Photo of June 21 Event

When we first opened the facility, we improvised and made the best of the situation. The Berkley ADU was completed right on the transport trailer. A lack of equipment to move and lift the ADU didn’t stop us from building. Perfection isn’t necessary to get started.

Today, our values hang proudly in the factory: Be Bold. Show Grit. Hustle. Send it.

Photo of factory in action June 2024

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