Module Design Partners

Module's mission is to bring good design to more people. Our new Design Partners program helps us do just that by allowing us to expand outside of just our hometown, Pittsburgh, PA. Through an online training course, partner architects are able to learn about the Module brand and the difference between traditional and modular construction.

By bringing on Module Design Partners in other parts of the country, we can help architect-partners diversify their customer base, and put more Module homes in the hands of families looking for a sustainable solution for new construction.

Meet some of our Design Partners below.

Sloan Springer
Krista Manna
Collingswood, NJ
 Abington, MA
Jefferson Shierbeek
Los Angeles, CA
Kinley Puzey
Chris Malloy
Salt Lake City, UT
Matawan, NJ
Roth Marz 
Erie, PA
Mattew Brind'Amour
Pittsburgh, PA
Pittsburgh, PA
Steve Fischer
Seattle, WA

Design Partner Locations

Do you have a project you’re looking to build outside of Pittsburgh? We’ve got you covered.


The map below shows where our current Module Design Partners are located. If you have a project in one of those areas, reach out to us, and we can work collectively with one of our Design Partners to take your project from raw land, all the way through construction.