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Last Mile Facility


Pittsburgh’s Last Mile Facility includes space for the production of modular homes, a construction innovation lab, and a workforce training program. The goal of the space is to fuel innovation in the homebuilding industry while furthering Module’s mission to create a more diverse, equitable, and inclusive way to build new housing.
Production Facility 

What is a Last Mile Facility?

Innovation Lab

Building the future of offsite modular home construction requires innovation. We test, validate, and integrate new building products and installation methods that can apply throughout the offsite industry. Alongside our Innovation Partners, we create case studies on “factory-friendly” products & materials, test the energy performance of our homes, and we develop unique housing solutions that are designed to enhance affordability. 

Production Facility

To keep pace with the housing shortage, our region needs to build more homes, better homes, and build them fast! Our facility in Pittsburgh is part of the solution to supplying the much needed affordable housing in the region. At the Last Mile, our homes are built to the MODULE standard, which means they are highly energy efficient, designed with integrity, and built to last. The facility implements best practices we develop through Innovation Lab, making our homes more resilient, with less maintenance.

Workforce Training Program

Our training program is specific to the offsite construction industry and focuses on providing women and people of color greater access to construction trades. This furthers our mission to provide more diversity, equity, and inclusion in the industry. We’ve partnered with the Trade Institute of Pittsburgh to launch a training program teaching skills specific to the offsite construction industry. We are increasing access to construction jobs and working to alleviate the construction labor shortage with a focus on job accessibility for women and minorities.

Made possible with investment from 

This new is made possible by a recent investment from the Richard King Mellon Foundation through their Social Impact Investment program. The Foundation's social-impact investing enables mission-driven for-profit companies to secure the risk capital, networks, and resources they need to develop products, deploy services, and address societal issues at the individual and community level.

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