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  • How energy efficient are Module homes?
    Every Module home is built to Zero Energy Ready Home standards, set by the U.S. Department of Energy. This means that the lighting, appliances, HVAC and water heating system in each house features advanced technology designed especially to use less energy and work more efficiently than traditional versions. Because of the homes’ high performance thermal-enclosure, the HVAC system doesn’t have to work as hard to heat up or cool down the living space. That means less energy is used and lower energy and utility bills.
  • Why is off-site construction better than a typical stick-built construction?
    Contrary to popular belief, factory constructed prefab homes can be higher quality than homes built on-site. This is because the factory has access to better (non-portable) tools and machinery to use while building the house. Many prefab factories also have automated machines that are even more precise than the most steady-handed construction worker. This allows all of the components of the house to fit together perfectly and leaves little room for error. Weather conditions also have an impact on quality. Houses that are built on-site are out in the elements – constantly. Those houses have to brave any snow storm, rain storm, and freezing weather that might come its way for months at a time. Wood and insulation that are exposed to moisture have a good chance of coming down with a bad case of mold, which is not what anyone wants in their brand new house. Workers can also have two feet on the ground while installing windows, doors, framing, etc. As opposed to up on ladders and scaffolding. This lowers the chance for potential accidents throughout the building process.
  • Do Module homes need foundations?
    Yes! Unlike tiny homes or trailers, our houses absolutely need foundations. Module homes are built to the same standards as any site built home. Their building codes are governed by the city and the state just like any other home would be. Once it's built, it looks like any other traditionally built home.
  • Can I add on to my house later?
    It’s possible to add an addition to your Module home down the line. If this is something that you definitely plan to do, let us know during the design phase and we’ll make sure that your home has what it needs to be expandable.
  • Can Module homes be financed with a traditional mortgage?
    Yes, our homes qualify for a normal mortgage. You will first apply for a construction/permanent mortgage plan. The construction loan is used for the construction of your home. After the construction is complete, the construction loan will be converted into a permanent loan. Learn more about construction to permanent loans here.
  • Can Module homes go on any vacant lot?
    Before we move forward with construction, we do our due diligence and make sure your lot is suitable for Module homes. Panels and homes manufactured in a factory must be brought on site on a truck and installed via cranes. Hence the feasibility of building on the lot would depend on its location and the drive from the factory.


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