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1211 & 1213 Boyle Street

3 beds. 2.5 baths. 1,500 sq ft.
Pittsburgh, PA 15212

Welcome to 1211 & 1213 Boyle Street, where sustainability meets sophistication in Pittsburgh's vibrant Northside neighborhood. Situated amidst cultural landmarks, parks, hospitals, stadiums, and museums, this home backs up to the Carnegie Library and is walkable to coffee shops, restaurants, and many other amenities.

Utilizing modular construction, these homes were meticulously crafted in a climate-controlled factory environment during the winter months, mitigating the impact of adverse weather conditions. This approach not only ensures a higher standard of quality control but also minimizes construction waste and resource consumption.

Upon entering, you'll immediately notice the fusion of contemporary design and eco-conscious features. The home is enveloped in high-grade insulation, boasting R-Values exceeding R-30 on most exterior facades. Anderson windows and doors, renowned for their energy efficiency, further enhance thermal performance while maximizing natural light and ventilation.

Step outside to discover custom-designed outdoor spaces, meticulously crafted to minimize environmental impact without sacrificing style or functionality. From handcrafted railings to expansive decks, every element is thoughtfully curated to provide ample room for pets and families to enjoy the outdoors in comfort and style.

A DOE Zero Energy Ready Home is a high-performance home that is so energy efficient that a renewable energy system such as solar panels could offset most or all of its annual energy consumption. A beacon of sustainable living, fewer than 20,000 homes nationwide have achieved this esteemed designation, underscoring the rarity and prestige of this offering. Tax credits may be available to homeowners. More info below.

Experience the future of sustainable living in Pittsburgh firsthand in one of our Boyle Street homes. Contact us today and embark on a journey where exceptional design, informed by years of customer research and feedback, has culminated in a catalog of Module Playbooks including a Module Standard Spec –to which these homes were built– a rigorous set of requirements that not only reflect our contemporary aesthetic but also meet our high expectations for quality and accessibility in our region.


Discover why Module matters in this demonstration of sustainability, style, and affordability at 1211 & 1213 Boyle Street.

Construction Updates

Simultaneously at the Factory

Delivery & Install


Zero Energy Ready Construction

Less Energy, More Comfort

These homes include an innovative Unico system utilizing high-efficiency small ductwork to distribute and recover air throughout the home, resulting in reduced energy consumption and enhanced occupant well-being.

Healthy Indoor Air Quality 

An energy recovery ventilator (ERV) will act as the lungs of your home. By transferring heat energy between incoming and outgoing airstreams, the ERV not only maintains a fresh and healthy indoor environment but also optimizes HVAC efficiency, leading to lower energy costs and a reduced carbon footprint.

High Efficiency Components

This home features super efficient all-electric components. Ductless heating and cooling, a hybrid water heater that can reduce usage up to 70% &  EnergyStar Appliances and WaterSense Fixtures. 

Location and Site Plan

Interested in
1211 or 1213 Boyle Street? 

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