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The Berkley ADU  

1 bed/1bath 275 Square Feet
2023 Innovative Housing
Showcase Special Edition
Sales Price: $99,000

The Berkley is Module’s refined ADU (Accessory Dwelling Unit), which appeared at the 2023 Innovative Housing Showcase on the National Mall in Washington, D.C. The Berkley ADU is a complete living space with an eat-in efficiency kitchen, a living area that converts to a bedroom (murphy bed or pull-out), a full bathroom, and a large closet. This unit will fit perfectly in your backyard or act as an escape from the city.


*Sales price does NOT include the costs to perform site work, foundation, utility connections, and local permitting fees.  Sales price DOES include an estimate to deliver & set the Berkley on a site  that's serviceable from Pittsburgh (<250 miles)

Take a (Virtual) Tour
How to Make it Yours
Step 1: Site, Zoning, & Local Permit Assessment // $250

We'll take a look at your site virtually to identify any things that could prevent the Berkley from being delivered to your  your site. Additionally, we'll conduct a zoning assessment to identify if the Berkley can go on your site and then make a recommendation on if you need to submit for a variance or if the Berkley will work by right. Then, we'll share a scope of work matrix and you'll tell us what you'd like us perform as it relates to getting the Berkley to your site (ex: site work, foundation, utility connections). Please note, we cannot perform on-site construction services if it's >25 miles from Pittsburgh 

Step 2: Sign Contract & Pay Deposit
Step 3: Site Prep, Foundations, Utility Connections
Step 4: Delivery & Set
Step 5: Final Punch Out & Payment

Want to make The Berkley yours?

Fill out the form below and Module member team will  set up a time to speak with you 

Thanks for submitting!

NOT INCLUDED in the sale price


Back fill & Rough Grade

Land Clearing


Utility Connections

Radon system 

Storm drains

Perimeter Foundation Drains

Sanitary Service tie-in 

Water Service 

Electrical Service

Foundation​​ System

Compacted Stone Footer

Crawl Space or Basement


Vapor Barrier

Permit Fees


Can the Berkley go on any site? 

There are restrictions to the type of zoning that will allow something like the Berkley to go on your site. For example, some jurisdictions don't allow dwelling units under a certain size. This is something we'll uncover during the Site & Zoning Assessment.

How far can you deliver the Berkley?

250 miles from Pittsburgh

Does MODULE help with delivery & setting of the Berkley on my site? 

Yes! We've included that as part of the sales price. The final transportation and set costs may vary dependent on your site

What else needs to be completed in order for the Berkley to receive an occupancy permit in my jurisdiction? 

This is city dependent but something we're happy to investigate and uncover for you. We have a list of items that need to be completed regardless of the jurisdiction but 

Can the Berkley ADU go on a foundation? 

Yes! In fact, it will HAVE to go on either a crawl space or basement

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