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Black Street Construction Update: The houses are officially set!

If you’ve had the chance to drive by our Black Street site recently, you might have noticed that it looks very different than it did about a week ago. Where there used to be a vacant lot, there are now three entire structures!  On Friday, March 13th, units for houses were officially installed on-site. Not even the notoriously unlucky date could keep us from successfully completing a huge milestone for this project on Black Street.

The entire process of setting the units on their foundations took the very talented set crew only two days! The duplex – 5452 Black Street was set on Thursday, March 12th while 5454 & 5456 Black Street were set on Friday, March 13th. The houses traveled from the factory in Strattanville, PA to a staging site on Negley Ave, right down the road from the Black Street construction site. 

Accompanied by a police escort and two vans bearing “Oversized Load” signs and flashing lights, our fearless truck driver, Dave, drove the units through the city and right up to the site. The crane then securely lifted the units and placed them either onto their foundation, or onto their first unit.

Looking up from the sidewalk to see a house floating 30 feet in the air is not a common sight, but over those two days, residents of Black Street were able to walk outside and see the homes being set where there was nothing just a few days before. We are thankful to have such wonderful neighbors on Black Street and enjoyed chatting with those who came out to watch the spectacle with us! 

Interested in owning 5454 Black Street?  Shoot an email to to get more information about how to make 5454 Black Street yours! 


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