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Last Mile Lab

The Last Mile Lab is a construction innovation lab as well as a workforce training program. The goal of the space is to fuel innovation in the homebuilding industry while furthering Module’s mission to create a more diverse, equitable, and inclusive way to build new housing.

Building the future of offsite modular home construction requires innovation. We test, validate, and integrate new building products and installation methods that can apply to the entire industry.


Our training program will be specific to the offsite construction industry and will focus on providing women and people of color greater access to construction trades. This furthers our mission to provide more diversity, equity, and inclusion in the industry.


Module’s homes in the Pittsburgh market will arrive at this facility to receive finishing touches. Insights from the Lab & graduates from the training program will have the opportunity to make a difference on real projects.

Innovation & Teaching Lab

We will test new building products and installation methods for the modular housing industry. Alongside our Innovation Partners, we are creating case studies on “factory-friendly” products & materials.

Workforce Training Program

We’re partnering with the Trade Institute of Pittsburgh to launch a training program teaching skills specific to the offsite construction industry. We are increasing access to construction jobs and working to alleviate the construction labor shortage with a focus on job accessibility for women and minorities.

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Finishing Facility

At the Last Mile Lab, Module homes will be finished to ensure they meet our high standards, including energy efficiency, design integrity, and finish quality. Implementing best practices created in the Innovation Lab we can actualize research and development efforts and provide a next step for our workforce program graduates.

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Trade Institute of Pittsburgh

The workforce development program’s goal is to create pathways for women and minorities to enter the modular construction industry. Module is partnering with the Trade Institute of Pittsburgh (TIP) to launch this effort by training 5 individuals at TIP’s Carpentry program and providing those trainees with several modular construction education sessions.


This new effort is made possible by a recent investment from the Richard King Mellon Foundation through their Social Impact Investment program. The Foundation's social-impact investing enables mission-driven for-profit companies to secure the risk capital, networks, and resources they need to develop products, deploy services and address societal issues at the individual and community level.

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