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Why Module?

Thoughtful Design

Our houses provide our homeowners with everything they need and nothing that they don’t. With open living spaces, thoughtfully designed kitchens, high ceilings, and plenty of natural light. You’ll feel at home as soon as you move in.

Zero Energy Ready

Each of our homes is built to Zero Energy Ready Home standards set by the U.S. Department of Energy. Our homes consume up to 50% less energy than traditional new construction.

Energy Efficient
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Certified Materials
Improved Indoor Air Quality
All Electric
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Science Supported Envelope
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Module homes are built in a factory using modular construction. Building in a controlled environment means our homes are more precisely constructed and are 25-40% quicker to build than a traditional home.


An Easy Building Process

Developing homes can be time intensive. We provide proven standard designs and finish options, so you don’t have to start from scratch.

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Group (2).png

Project Management

Spend more time evaluating your next deal while Module coordinates resources for your project. Our construction team provides you routine updates for peace of mind.

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Design Options

Choosing one of our Module specs eliminates the time and money that come with the custom design process. Our finish packages allow you to customize your project while ensuring that your picks are durable and environmentally conscious.


The controlled factory environment allows us to build to our standards consistently. We perform routine quality control checks on every box before it ships to the site.

Potential Cost Savings

 Savings mean lower prices for customers.

  • Less Interest - Completing the project faster means you have fewer monthly payments on your loan

  • Opportunity Cost- A faster project frees up your resources move on to the next opportunity

  • Taxes & Subsidies - There are many national, state, and local resources for both modular and energy-efficient new construction.

  • Materials - We can purchase materials in bulk since we can store them in the factory 

  • Waste - A controlled environment means less rework. Materials can be pre-cut and pre-fitted.

  • Labor - Building with Module reduces your on-site scope of work.

Savings vary depending on the complexity and location of a project.

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