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August 12, 2021

Nashville Developer and Pittsburgh Startup Partner on Modular, Zero Energy Ready Housing


Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania: Construction technology company Module and Nashville-based real estate development company Miken are joining forces to deliver a design-forward, sustainable housing project on Trimble Street in the Chestnut Hill neighborhood of Nashville. A portion of the homes will be built using offsite construction and will be designed to the Department of Energy Zero Energy Ready specifications, putting them in the top 1% of energy performance in the country.

The project will provide much needed “missing middle” housing in a market that has seen considerable growth. By creating a higher density cottage development (20 units/acre) and implementing innovative construction and sustainable design techniques, the project can bring the new housing units online at an attainable price. MiKen will oversee the land development, entitlements, and sitework while Module will manage the design, construction and delivery of the modular homes.

This will be MiKen’s first project using offsite construction, which is built in a climate-controlled factory with about 80% of the finishes complete including cabinets, flooring, fixtures, and plumbing. MiKen sees the opportunity to explore offsite construction by partnering with Module and seeing firsthand the benefits. “Module’s ability to work with factories across the country can be a great resource for developers exploring modular construction.  For us, their methodology will provide the ability to rapidly phase a development and help to overcome challenges with labor, supply chain, and construction quality.”

“Miken is the type of developer we love to support. They have a great portfolio of creative, infill projects, they care about the neighborhoods they build in, and they’re seeking to innovate their current product and processes.”

About Module: Module is a Pittsburgh-based construction startup, whose product and processes enable developers to deliver design forward, high quality, energy efficient housing faster than traditional means. Module builds to the Department of Energy, Zero Energy Ready standards which puts them into the top 1% of Energy Efficient homes in the country.

About Miken: is a neighborhood centric development company that believes in creating projects around community engagement & consensus building. The company has delivered over 250 infill homes through a variety of mixed use, market rate, and mixed income housing projects.

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