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Setting records and testing limits in modular construction

As Module grows, we’re always pushing our limits in terms of what’s possible in modular construction. Take 500 N. Sheridan, one of our latest projects, for example.

This home is significant for a few reasons. The first is that about 90% of the construction above the foundation was completed in the factory, which makes it our most finished (in the factory) to date. Usually, our homes are about 80-85% complete when they leave the factory,

but that can vary based on the design of the house. This particular home was built near Clarion, PA at Structural Modulars Inc., which about 1.5 hours away from Pittsburgh.

We try to complete as much work in the factory as possible because it ensures a better build and finish quality as it’s done under climate controlled conditions. It also allows the home to have better air tightness, and helps lower the price tag - more work done in the factory means less work done on site and therefore means less labor cost.

500 N. Sheridan was also one of our quickest house sets yet. The install took less than 2 hours and set a new record! We strive for quick installs not just to set records, but so we can limit the disruption to the neighborhood and traffic.

While the speed of construction and completion of finishes in the house is impressive, sustainability is what makes the owners of the home the most excited. According to an ELDI Spotlight feature, the couple stated, “The sustainability aspect of Module really appealed to us— from the energy efficiency of the homes to the efficiencies with the construction process. They also give you a reasonable range of options for designing and customizing the interior and exterior to your preferences, but not so many that it’s overwhelming. We really liked the location too, because it’s adjacent to where we currently are, so we can still hit all our favorite places in the neighborhood easily.”


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