Module goes cross-country!

We're excited to share that we've been working on a project all the way across the country - in Seattle, Washington!

This project came about when our client who is both a real estate investor and green building advocate reached out to us. He owns several properties in Pennsylvania and Washington, and one of those properties is a vacant lot in the Seattle area. He was interested in building a single-family home on the lot to add to his rental portfolio, and he thought Module would be the right team to make it happen.

The design for the floor plan was different from what we’re used to building. Most of our projects are designed to fit into tight urban lots that can be as narrow as 20 feet wide. The lot that we are working with in Seattle is almost 60 feet wide, which allowed us to take advantage of horizontal space. The result was a single-story, 2 bedroom, 1 bathroom floor plan that has a bright, open living area that is also incredibly space-efficient.

Working with a factory located across the country was an awesome learning experience, as each factory handles production lines, material ordering, and construction details slightly differently. With this particular factory in Seattle, we were impressed with how much of the home they could finish in the factory. Before the home left the factory, its solid surface countertops and exterior wood siding were installed, which is usually done on-site.

We were excited to break into the Seattle real estate market because it’s known for its appreciation for sustainability and good design. We also learned that the State of Washington has more regulations and a longer permit process than what we’re used to, which was a bit of a challenge, but even more of a learning experience.

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