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Modular construction from a general contractor's perspective

Modular construction is what we do here at Module, but when we are building out our team, we look for contractors and designers who share our passion for finding new and better ways to build. We were lucky to connect with Andrew Holmes of Blockhouse Residential, a general contractor, who works with us on many of our projects around the Pittsburgh area.

We sat down with Andrew to talk about his experience working with Module and what it's like to have the majority of your work go from traditional stick building to modular.

Tell me about Blockhouse Residential - what is it and what do you work on?

Blockhouse is a turnkey contractor, specializing in new construction and urban infill. We like to do new things, and although modular construction isn’t necessarily new, it’s different from traditional construction. It’s making a resurgence now and it solves some of our biggest problems that come with traditional stick building.

"I wouldn’t be where I am today without Module and vice versa. It’s been really rewarding."

Modular construction is a big part of your business now but before you got into it, what were your perceptions of modular building?

Modular construction really wasn’t on my radar, so I wasn’t really thinking about it. I knew that manufactured homes have a stigma. Everyone hears modular and thinks “trailers”. I knew about a modular factory about 2 hours west of Pittsburgh called Champion Homes, but I didn’t realize the homes were actually made in a factory - I thought that the factory produced home kits, kind of like Sears Roebuck homes.

Once I started learning more about modular construction, the concept really started to make sense to me. Like - wow, I can avoid all of my biggest construction problems using modular construction? I can have someone else do it for me? And as long as I’m ready to lift the house onto the site with a crane, it can just show up and it’s basically done? It’s kind of mind-blowing.

What % of your work is modular construction at this point?

60% of my work is modular and depending how things go, it might be more than that by the end of the year.

"Working with Module can boost your company’s growth much faster than anything else you can do."

What has your experience been like working with Module?

Module has been great to work with. I feel like our meeting was very serendipitous and we’ve been able to grow together and help each other out. I wouldn’t be where I am today without Module and vice versa. It’s been really rewarding.

What advice would you give to contractors who might be looking to work with Module in the future?

Module is very talented and they have a work ethic that allows you to operate at a capacity that would be hard to reach on your own. Working with Module can boost your company’s growth much faster than anything else you can do. Imagine being able to snap your fingers and have a whole team of people that can help you through construction issues, help you get the project done, and help you complete the project. That’s what it’s like to work with Module.

Working with them becomes easier and easier as time goes on and you can take what you’ve learned by working with them and use it to grow your business and become successful in a new and innovative way.

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