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Michael Ramos (BBG Inc) on making better use of tech and data in real estate

In this Module feature interview, Michael Ramos details his history in the construction industry, his career transition from accounting to real estate, and the many nuances of the real estate appraisal industry.

Michael is a commercial property appraiser in the Philadelphia area. He grew up working in construction with his father and grandfather, completing roadway construction and concrete flat work. Michael even helped pour the foundation for Citizens Bank Park, the Philadelphia Phillies' home field, during his teen years.

After completing an undergraduate degree in accounting and working as an accountant for a financial services company, Michael discovered his interest in real estate. He pivoted in his career and landed in the appraisal industry, which Michael describes as an overlap of accounting and real estate.

To further explore these interests, Michael pursued a Master's degree in real estate finance at NYU. After completing his graduate degree, he took a job managing a variety of pre-war and new-construction homes in New York. In this role, Michael learned that budget preparation and project management were his favorite components of the position, so he left New York to begin his career in real estate appraisal in Philadelphia, where he currently resides.

Check out the full interview to hear Michael and Module CEO Brian discuss the push to make better use of technology and data in the real estate industry and the dynamics of interest rates and home prices in the face of inflation and a post-pandemic world.

Have a listen.


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