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Groundbreaking on House #1

It all starts here. A vacant lot. For many (especially those in Pittsburgh and other rust-built cities) this is a pretty familiar image. Overgrown, a bit shabby, buildings on either side, and a dilapidated garage to tie it all together. It’s not all that inspiring and certainly takes some creativity and vision to imagine what will go here. But to us? We see opportunity. A blank canvas. And couldn’t be more excited to bring our vision to reality.

To celebrate the groundbreaking, the Module team, Nelcon, NK Architects and client joined together to bid farewell to the vacant lot. The Module team presented the client with a scale 3D model of their home created by Roshni Krushnan.

880 Sq. Ft. Model

Before construction officially starts, the lot will be cleared, some trees will be removed and the garage will be demolished. Stay tuned for the next update where we’ll be documenting demolition and initial sitework.

Module team

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