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Construction Update: Walls & Roof Install


Two days and a total of 14 working hours. That’s how long it took to go from foundation to a fully built structure.

The wall and roof panels, built by Bensonwood in New Hampshire, arrived at a staging warehouse in Pittsburgh several days before the on-site install. On the morning of day 1 install, the panels were taken from the warehouse to the site using a smaller truck and trailer to navigate the narrow neighborhood streets and low-hanging power lines.

The panels were picked up and placed onto the foundation using a 40-ton crane with a 127’ boom extension. Ready to align and install the panels were the 4-person crew from Nelcon. The crew made quick work of each panel install – averaging about 45 minutes from crane pickup to fully set in place.

Some photos from the site:

What’s Next:

  1. Rough in plumbing & electrical

  2. Drywall install

  3. Custom cabinetry install


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