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Construction Update: Sitework

Site Clearing, Footers, and Foundation Walls

Since our last update, we’ve been making great progress on the site (despite the always changing Pittsburgh weather). If you’ve been following us and are familiar with our homes, you know that we’re using ‘offsite’ construction methods. You may be wondering what’s with all this sitework if the home is built ‘offsite?’

The reality is, even with offsite construction, there’s still sitework that needs to happen before the actual house can go up. This is the sitework that’s been completed so far on this build:

  1. Got approval for tree removal from neighbors 🙂

  2. Cleared the site and removed trees

  3. Demolished an existing garage

  4. Excavation and grading

  5. Placed rebar reinforcement for foundation

  6. Poured footers

  7. Laid concrete block for foundation walls

Building on Urban Infill Lots

Something you’ll notice in the gif is how larger equipment has limited access to the site — a common challenge for urban infill lots. We were able to get permission from neighbors to access the lot from the side. In instances where there is only front access, sitework can still be managed but requires a bit more creativity.


Another thing that may be less obvious is the variety of weather we received in the last month. Some sunshine, lots of rain, and even some snow. While the crew has pushed through on most days (thanks guys!), the wetter days have been a challenge. The good news is that the weather isn’t a concern for the construction of the wall and roof panels (they’re built off-site).

That sums up progress so far — here’s what’s scheduled to happen next:

  1. Line the foundation with insulation

  2. Setup utility infrastructure 

  3. Pour concrete slab

  4. Install wall and roof!

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