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Black Street Construction Update: The houses are under construction

The Black Street homes are currently under construction in the factory! Actually, between you and me, two of the Black Street homes are complete and out of the factory, patiently waiting to be taken to Garfield and set on-site. The modules for each floor of those houses are finished, which means that the structures are complete, the drywall is up, the bathrooms and plumbing are installed as well as the HVAC and electrical. In Black Street 3’s case, the flooring and cabinets are installed, too.

We’ve been frequenting the factory, SMI, often in the past couple weeks and documented a lot of the off-site process. When houses are made in a factory rather than on-site, a few really cool things can happen:

1.The house can be worked on from underneath the structure.

2. The roof can get constructed separately.

3. The materials are completely kept out of the elements.

4. Workers can complete tasks simultaneously rather than wait for one step of the process to be finished before starting another.

Over in Garfield, the plumbing work is close to being finished and the site is patiently awaiting the arrival of the foundations. We’ve had a few unexpected rainy days this winter, but we’re still on track for the boxes to be set. 

Don’t miss your chance to see the Black Street Houses while they’re still in the factory! Sign up for the factory tour happening on February 15th here!


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