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Black Street Construction Update: Excavation is finished!

A lot has happened since our latest development’s groundbreaking ceremony in November. The site on Black Street has been cleared of all overgrowth and excavation is complete!

Once we got to excavating, we uncovered a few treasures beneath the lot. Many vacant lots around Pittsburgh once had an entire house on them. Up until early 2000’s, it was totally legal to bury whatever was left of the house after it was demolished. This means that if anything is built on that lot in the future, a whole lot more will have to be excavated than just dirt.

This lot was no different. Our construction team found a giant block of concrete, a three pieces of a concrete staircase, parts of an old HVAC system, a tire, a helmet, some car parts, a bit of a kitchen, and even the old address plaque to one of the houses.

Luckily, these little surprises weren’t really surprises at all. Because we did our due diligence before we started excavating, we knew there would be some leftovers under the lot. It was just a matter of digging them up!

Next steps for the project will be installing on-site utilities and foundations, all of which will happen this month. The houses will begin to be constructed in the factory this month as well. Stay tuned for more construction updates on our Black Street development!

Interested in owning 5454 Black Street? Get more details on the house here.


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