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Helping You Succeed With Modular Construction

Designed For Infill & Energy Efficiency

We've developed a range of energy-efficient models optimized for infill development and offsite manufacturing. Our models work with various lot sizes—townhomes, duplexes, detached single-family, and even 6-unit multifamily. Each home is designed to fit the Department of Energy's Zero Energy Ready Home standards, which means a more durable, eco-friendly, and overall better-built home than a standard code-built house.

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Modular Means Shorter Development Times.

Quality and Speed

Modular vs. Traditional Timeline

Don't take our word for it. Our methods speak for themselves. Here's a a side-by-side comparison of a project we completed using our methods and product contrasted with a similar sized project using traditional construction methods. 

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Modular Development Simplified

Step 1

Step 2

Serving the Mid-Atlantic

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Ed Nusser, Developer

As a developer committed to creating homes that are affordable to live in, not just buy, Module is a natural partner for City of Bridges Community Land Trust. Their commitment to 21st century, high-quality housing aligns with our mission to set homeowners up for success. Module’s integrated design process saves time and headaches allowing us to get to work in an efficient manner to create more permanently affordable homes.


Joan Pauly, Developer

After an exhaustive national search for the turn-key module housing product I was looking for, I am thrilled to have found Module and their team. My end goal as a developer and builder is to offer homeowners a quality, healthy, high performing home using the efficiencies found in modular home offsite construction. Module not only exceeded my hopes that a product such as this exists, but they have proven their design concepts in the field. 


Matthew Brind'Amour, AIA | NCAR

I enjoy working with Module because the projects we collaborate on are low-touch. The Module team has spent a lot of time and effort developing a precise process, which allows me to limit my own time to focusing on just the important details. I can move quickly through redlining drawings and site administration is minimal. With Module, I can work on many more projects without added stress."


Modular Features

As both builders and thought leaders in the modular industry, we are always open to opportunities to share our extensive knowledge, experience and vision.

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