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Module’s Black Street Development is about bringing well-designed, contemporary homes to the urban core of Pittsburgh, and activating vacant parcels where homes have been absent for decades. The development features three residential homes (totaling four units), all which are designed to meet the Department of Energy’s Zero Energy Ready standards. For us, meeting this standard isn’t above and beyond. We believe in providing thoughtfully designed spaces that are healthy for the people and planet. A quality home not only inspires the people who live there, but surrounding community as well.

The four-unit mixed-income development includes a duplex (which will serve as Module’s show home), a market rate home (3 bed /2.5 bath with built-in garage), and an affordable home which is designated for an income-qualified homebuyer.

What excites Module about the opportunity to build on Black Street is the chance to bring contemporary design to the East End through a mixed-income development. Module’s Black Street Development is the city’s first Zero Energy Ready single family development in Pittsburgh. 

On Black Street

Just on Black Street alone, there are 3 public outdoor spaces — all created by different neighborhood groups and individuals for the neighborhood. The first, East Field community garden, which is on the 5500 block of Black Street has 45 raised beds — available for anyone to use who lives within walking distance of the community garden. 

The second space is the Garfield Sensory Garden — a vacant parcel that is owned by Pittsburgh’s Urban Redevelopment Authority, and has been activated by Black Street resident and homeowner. She took this project on in 2018 and, with grant funding and student volunteer groups, turned it into a sensory garden complete with murals from local artists, a firepit and plenty of seating. On a sunny day you’ll find students from the Environmental Charter School taking their recess or volunteers dropping by to care for the space.

As if this wasn’t enough, the third space is part dog park and part grassy retreat with shade, complete with small slides and features for kids. 

This street is full of surprises that show the attention and care that the neighborhood has. We think you’ll appreciate the thoughtful amenities that the neighborhood has created. 


One of the many great things about the location of black street is its proximity to everything without being in the middle of it all. If you walk, bus, bike or drive — everything is close. Bus 71 is just a 4-minute walk which gives you easy access to Oakland, downtown and the strip district, with bus 75 just a 7-minute walk away for a quick ride to East Liberty or Shadyside.  

Within a 15 minute walk, you can be at two of the East End’s best coffee shops — The Bureau, and Commonplace at Voluto — each with distinct atmospheres offering either a small, cozy feel or expansive, light-filled inspiring space. Take your pick. If coffee is your vice, you’ll be hard-pressed not to become a regular at one of these shops.

With Whole Foods opening up its newest location on Penn Ave. and Negley, you won’t have to go far to get all of your shopping done. If growing your own food at the community garden isn’t your thing but want local produce, both the Farmer’s Market Cooperative of East Liberty on (open year-round on Saturdays) and the East Liberty Farmers Market (open spring, summer & fall on Mondays) are walkable and great spots.

Zero Energy Ready

All of the homes are designed to the meet the Department of Energy’s Zero Energy Ready standards. This means that the homes feature the following features:

A high-performance thermal enclosure: This is the entire exterior of your home — roof, foundation, doors, windows, everything. Together, they seal off the inside of your home from the outside world. In a Zero Energy Ready Home, the enclosure features high-performance windows, insulation, and comprehensive draft protection to lower your energy bills and block out dust, noise and moisture.

Whole house water protection: Water damage is a huge concern in any home, but in a Zero Energy Ready Home, you’ll find dry-by-design construction with a comprehensive water barrier system and carefully selected materials inside to control moisture.

A high-performance comfort system: Zero Energy Ready Homes feature expert installation of high-efficiency temperature control systems, as well as heating and cooling ducts inside the thermal enclosure instead of inconvenient attics or basements.

High-efficiency components: The components inside of Zero Energy Ready Homes, including the lighting, appliances, exhaust fans and water heating system, all feature advanced technology designed especially to use less energy and work more efficiently than traditional versions.

Whole house health protection: While many homeowners consider the look and location of a home, they don’t often consider how the home affects their health. Zero Energy Ready Homes are the healthiest homes for their inhabitants because they contain indoor air quality systems that filter contaminants from the air that cause respiratory problems, including pollen, chemicals and dust.

Solar-ready construction:  Zero Energy Ready Homes are all built so that a solar electric system can be easily added whenever it’s convenient for you. This includes the required wiring, the ability to withstand the structural load and the electrical panel circuit breakers for a solar electric system.

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